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Via Colori Celebrates a Very Special Child

Once a year, New Beginnings Foundation is the beneficiary of a very cool charity event in Louisville Kentucky. Via Colori the Street Painting Festival helps raise funds and awareness for the needs of foster children. Our motto is #befosteraware because there is a distinct shortage of foster parents in this state. This year, the Via Colori team made a profound decision.

In January of 2019, a young man in Louisville Kentucky took his own life as a direct result of being bullied. Seven Bridges was 10 years old. Seven had a tough start. He was born with a condition that required a colostomy bag. Even after several surgeries, he would still have problems with leaks. His mother, in an interview with the media, said it became a reason for kids to make fun of him.

Via Colori, in conjunction with GalaxyCon Louisville (Formerly known as Louisville Supercon) , has decided to host a memorial street painting square in Seven’s name. This painting will be a part of the street painting festival this year. It will only be there for that weekend.

Seven loved everything and anything super! He dressed up as superheroes and enjoyed cosplaying through his lifetime. He was a superhero.

Via Colori has always focused on the superheroes of everyday life. This young man’s story touched the hearts of the Via Colori staff and team and we went to work to make this happen.
With the blessing of his parents, we will be able to bring his story to the festival. We cannot thank GalaxyCon enough for this amazing opportunity. Further details on the artist painting this amazing memorial will be forthcoming in the next couple of weeks. We will be #sevenstrong at Via Colori 2019. For more information on GalaxyCon – check out their website –