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Partnering With Other Charities

Did you know that New Beginnings Foundation partners with other charities through our main fundraiser Via Colori?

Today, let us focus on Hope’s Closet. If you go to their website and click about – you will find this blurb. “Started by Angela Bischoff and run with the help of Jen Mortenson, Hope’s Closet relies entirely on donations and volunteers to provide foster and adoptive children with clothing and other necessities free of charge.”

Seems simple right? It is so much more than that statement. Kids in care already have self-esteem issues. They know they are different just because someone hurt them or failed to care for them properly. Hope’s Closet helps erase some of that stigma in their special way. It is a store. No garbage bags of clothes or musty basement filled with hand-me-downs. An actual storefront.
Angela and Jen have created a place where foster kids and parents can shop for things they like and need without worry about judgment. There is no charge for these items and the entire shop is built on donations from the community. They host prom days with hair and makeup and dresses free of charge for girls in care. They offer back to school days for supplies and around the holidays, you can find amazing, dressy clothes so that foster kiddos can feel just like everyone else.

Even cooler, if there is an emergency placement and the foster parent needs things like car seats, cribs, diapers, pajamas, shoes or anything else, Hope’s Closet jumps to help in any way they can. They rally the community behind the foster family and find ways to make those emergencies not so daunting. It has been a pleasure to work with Hope’s Closet and we look forward to seeing them change the world, one piece of clothing at a time.

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