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Misconceptions About Foster Care

Many times in the past four years while in care, I have heard many misconceptions  about foster care. Not to mention the misconceptions about the children, in foster care. Some common ones I have heard are; “foster children are all problem children”, “They’re all just delinquents”. Sadly I have heard these myths so many times in the last four years. It just goes to show that they are just an all to common mindset when it comes to foster care.

Mainly this is due to a lack of representation and general awareness or these children. Myself included as well. It is always funny, although painful, to watch a person’s reaction to learning that I am a ward of the state. I was and still am not what they expect from a foster child. It’s saddening to know how little knowledge people have about foster care. So much so that they have these false and misleading notions about those in foster care. So many people are so certain that all foster children are just problems the state needs to deal with. All because no one has given these children a chance. Foster care awareness is vitally important.

This is one of the reasons I love Via Colori so much! This festival has worked to bring awareness to foster care through means of Creativity, Family, and Community. The people behind this non-profit work ceaselessly to bring foster care the attention it needs. So many people have been able to see  Foster Children in a new light, thanks to this organization. Today this is important because there are more children in the system than ever before. Those children need someone to speak for them, be the voice many of them need. As they aren’t given the opportunity to speak for themselves, Via Colori has been able to speak for the kids who don’t get to have a voice.

C.S Siravo. (former foster youth and Via Colori Cosplayer)