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Have you ever wondered how you can help foster children? We have the solution for you! Through the efforts of New Beginnings Foundation, the non-profit arm of NBFS, we are able to greatly influence the positive impact we have on the children we serve. New Beginnings Foundation’s mission is to provide a charitable giving avenue to those who want to make the difference in the lives of children and families serviced by New Beginnings Family Services, Inc.

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Via Colori® Street Painting Festival

Via Colori ® Kentucky, the primary fundraiser for New Beginnings Foundation, is Kentucky’s largest street painting festival in which hundreds of artists, community organizations, vendors, and partners come together to host the most creative festival in Kentucky.  Approximately 100 street painting artists participate with the intent of making an artistic masterpiece on a large scale, directly on the sidewalks of Waterfront Park in Louisville.

Via hosts music, vendors, art, art vendors, family-friendly activities such as child street painting and superhero photo-ops, additional non-profits in an awareness section, a food court, street performers, costumed characters, an art gallery dedicated to child-created pieces, and of course, street art.  All proceeds from Via Colori® Kentucky benefit New Beginnings Foundation.

For more information on how to help foster children through the festival …..

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Monetary Donations

Your donation is tax deductible to the extent allowable by law. Please consult With your tax advisor. New Beginnings Foundation’s mission is to provide a charitable giving avenue to those who want to make the difference in the lives of children and families serviced by New Beginnings Family Services, Inc. All gifts received fund specialized services for children not covered by state funding and/or therapeutic activities.

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Gingerbread Kids Holiday Wishlist

One of the brightest moments of the year occurs at the annual holiday party of children and their foster families. Businesses and/or individuals can make a child’s dream come true with an in-kind gift of a monetary contribution, which allows the staff at New Beginnings Foundation to select special gifts for our special needs children. Our kiddos make out their own wishlists and provide them to us: NBF can provide you with a wishlist that a child has created. We also have an amazon wishlist…..

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Growing Givers

Growing Givers is a program that gives children in foster care the opportunity to experience the joy of giving at Christmas time. Children are provided an opportunity to earn points through engaging in healthy, enriching , and community building activities, such as; participating in civic clubs, reading books, playing sports, and learning new skills. The children can redeem the points when they select items from our Gift Store to give gifts to their family, teachers and friends for the Holidays. If you have items or monetary donations that you wish the share with us – please constact:

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Birthday Baskets

Every birthday is special — however birthdays in foster care can be really scary and sad. We would like to create birthday party baskets for kids in care. These will include birthday party poppers, a crown, themed tablecloth, decorations, balloons, a gift card for cake and ice cream. These can be donated on our foundation store for $50.

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Awesome Adoption Gifts

Adoption is a significant moment in the life of a foster child. For some it is exciting, for others it can be really sad as it is the official goodbye to the bio parents. Let’s make these days a little easier by providing gift cards to the families for dinner that evening. Please contact us directly if you would like to donate gift cards for dinner!

Adoption Gifts
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