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Five Things You Can Do To Help Foster Kids!

There are 10,000 foster children in the State of Kentucky. That is such a devastatingly large number of kids not in their homes. Children can be removed for a myriad of reasons. Did you know that when a child leaves their home and is placed in foster care, they are often left with little or nothing as far as their personal belongings are concerned?

Have you thought about becoming a foster parent? There is a shortage of safe and loving homes to place kids in. It is a crisis. If you can’t become a foster parent, here are five things that you can do to help foster kids.

  1. Make a donation. This can be monetary or it can be an item. You can donate toothbrushes, blankets, teddy bears, gift cards for birthdays, toys at the holidays, backpacks, school supplies or even bedtime stories. Oftentimes our kiddos have nothing so a toothbrush of their very own is a big deal!
  2. Offer a dinner to a foster family. You can donate gift cards to local restaurants or make a casserole for a local family. The first night in placement is always rough on everyone. Not having to make dinner goes a long way. This will help the foster family have time to focus on the immediate needs of the child.
  3. Babysitting – did you know that you can take classes on trauma so that you can be an effective caregiver for foster parents? Sometimes going to a movie, dinner or just a walk in the park without kids can give foster parents a much need break. They need this breather because working with kids who have been hurt is exhausting. Refreshing moments to unwind and just relax go a long way in helping support these families.
  4. Mentoring – foster kids needs positive and compassionate role models. Do you have skills or resources that you can offer in this respect? Maybe coaching a sport or teaching them how to cook. Having an adult be kind and believe in you is gigantic step toward believing that you are safe.
  5. Host a drive : Hosting a drive with your work, church or school is a great way to build advocacy efforts for foster kids in your community. Drives can be for blankets, teddy bears, school supplies, prom dresses, Christmas gifts or anything else you can imagine a child might enjoy.

Remember these words – and let them guide you in your journey towards helping foster kids! “Every kid is one caring adult away from being a success story.” – Josh Shipp